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What is your new mattress going to lay on? Better yet, what is your current mattress going to lay on? Mattresses now-a-days need more support. Luckily, the platform bed has become a popular and affordable choice for most mattresses.

We’re so overwhelmed with choice, so it can be hard to pin down which platform bed you want to go with. Floyd of Detroit is here to make your decision making process that much easier. Trust me

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Stoic Anger Management Techniques

Sit back and think about this - how do you cope with anger? Do you let is slowly consume you? Do you sit with anger until your emotions boil over? Do you swallow your pride and admit you’re feeling anger? There are countless ways we all approach and deal with our anger, but we should look to the stoics for guidance as their anger management techniques can still be utilized today.

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The Importance of Your Morning Ritual

Before reading any further, as yourself, “What is my morning ritual?”

I’ve been lucky enough to continue working on my morning ritual for a while now. Lucky enough because I get to wake up each morning, but also lucky enough to living in a society that preaches its’ importance.

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