Five Reads for a Great Week | Andy Likes Things

I'd like to share with you five pieces of content I've found beneficial, and I believe you'll find beneficial as well. Some might be dated, some might be extremely relevant. This is just a list of all things that have effected me positively this week. Enjoy!

Change Your Story to Change Your Life : Zen Habits 

The title of the article spoke to me right away. This entire year I've literally been changing my story, which has led to an incredible change in my life. 

"...if we're not succeeding at something, it's quite probably because we're telling ourselves the wrong story."

"I Went 200 Days Without Buying Anything New - Here's How You Can Do It Too" : Yahoo (via Becoming Minimalist)

Make a game of decluttering - I love this. This is a level that I'd like to reach some day.

How Solitude Can Change Your Brain in Profound Ways : FastCompany

I've become a bigger and bigger fan of alone time as I've gotten older. It gives me more time to be me, unwind, and possibly learn some things if the motivation strikes. It's nice having articles like this to refer to when you question whether or not you're a hermit. I'm not a hermit, by the way. And neither are you!

How to Stick with Minimalism During the Holiday Shopping Season : US News

This whole "minimalism" label is getting really tired, but if it helps the main stream understand what "minimalists" believe in, then so be it. My family and I are moving more towards the experiences and family time vs. gift giving this holiday season, and I don't feel too much internal pushback - which is new. New especially for someone who was quite spoiled while growing up.

"Don't Just De-Clutter, De-Own" : Becoming Minimalist 

I'll probably refer to the Becoming Minimalist site for the foreseeable future because it's been so instrumental for me and my growth. So please, click, read, and get used to his site. It may just encourage you to start on your own decluttering journey.