My Journey Into Minimalism | Starting

I have so. Much. Stuff!

If I were to tell my friends and family that I was diving head-first into a more minimalist lifestyle, they'd laugh right in my face.  

See - I've never been known to have few things.  I remember being called "spoiled" by numerous friends parents - who shall remain nameless because I love them - but I was.  I was spoiled - and it was awesome!  It was so sweet having so much stuff.  But, having matured, I now realize having this much useless stuff is completely unnecessary.  And draining.

For the past few weeks, I've been selling coveted pairs of shoes (gasp!), giving away old clothes (double-gasp!), and selling other useless things via craigslist or eBay.  The process itself has been extremely freeing.  Seeing how happy people are after I give them things far outweighs the feeling of buying something new.  

The feeling of buying something new seems to wear off as soon as I get home from the store.  I've realized in all my years of ordering things online that the waiting is the most exhilarating.  Monitoring the packages progress on it's scheduled delivery date is one of the best parts.  But then, once you receive and open the package, that "new thing" feeling seems to dissapaite faster than you can say "I love this!" Now you're left with just another "something" with which to fill up your life space.

I've recently developed this mindset of "What can I get rid of today?"  Some may think that is unhealthy - and if you do, please tell me - but so far it's been extremely comforting.  Comforting knowing that I can control who I am moving forward, and seeing myself as becoming more "minimal" has a weird "correct" sense about it.  Maybe it's because I've had so many things for so long, or maybe I've finally become comfortable with myself - noticed there was a problem, for lack of a better term, have accepted it, and am now moving forward how I best see fit.

It isn't going to be easy, but I also don't see this process being too difficult.  It'll be hard not buying things on a whim - as thats how I've been for the past 26 years.  But I do know one thing, my sanity, my bank account, and my closet will all be grateful.

So tell me - are you, or do you know anything who is, minimalist?  Have you ever thought about drastically decluttering your life - or have you in the past?

Let me know below.  I'd like your insight on this exciting journey I have ahead of me.