Fear - It's What's For Dinner

Gobble up that fear - it's nourishment for the soul

I've never been one for public speaking, but I'm slowly warming up to it.  Not to say I want to go on a speaking tour, but public speaking isn't the death curse I once thought it was.  

Back in April for 2014, I had the opportunity to speak to local business owners about the power of social media and why they should be using it to its fullest potential.  When my boss originally asked me, I agreed without hesitation.  I was scared out of my mind - but I agreed.  Fast forward to presentation day, and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.  I was mingling, getting comfortable with the crowd, etc.  Then the event started.  And my heart began to race.

My hands began to sweat, my eyes darted back and fourth, and I got a little shaky.  As my vice president - the person who first asked me to speak - kicked off the presentation, a little voice popped into my head and said something I'm never going to forget.

"You're Alive."

Even writing those two words still have a profound effect on me.  I don't know where that voice came from, or what drummed it up, but it got me into my groove.  Sure, I was still nervous, but I was laughing.  Laughing in the face of nervousness, of anxiousness - something I had never done before.

I interpreted this voice as meaning, "That feeling you're feeling?  That anxiousness.  That nervousness.  That means you're alive.  Embrace this.  Laugh at this.  Have fun with this."  And sure enough - I did.  I'm my own biggest critic, but I think the presentation when okay.  I know we, as a company, gained more exposure, I gained more confidence, and we may have nailed a client or two in the process.  

The monetary gains aside, I overcame a fear that had plagued me for years - and that is the biggest gain I could have asked for.

So tell me - why are you afraid?