What Is Your Greatest Strength?

It seems like every day I wrestle with this question.  When will I figure it out? 

Not to say I've never been "confident" in my abilities, but I would be lying if I said I never second-guessed my talents.  I'm sure it comes with time, and it's only human nature - but I would preferably like to get over this feeling sooner rather than later.  So let me ask you - when did you realize what your greatest strength was?

If when I was a college senior you were to tell me I'd be working in digital and social media by the time I was 27 I'd have laughed in your face.  

I wouldn't have believed you because what I really wanted to do was write.  I didn't know where, or how to get started, I just knew I wanted to write every day.  Of course I get to do that now, just in a different capacity.  

I wanted to get into writing so I could reach people.  So I could tell my story, they could tell me theirs, and maybe we could laugh a little along the way.  Writing, for as long as I could remember, just came easy to me.  I would come up with a giant, elaborate, often times verbose, story in my head and try to get it all down on paper as quickly as I could.  Sadly, it hasn't translated in the advertising world as much as I'd hoped - but I'm getting there.  

Part of the reason I don't feel it is my greatest strength is because of my writing not yet catching on at work.  Writing in advertising seems to be an entirely different beast.  Maybe it is because I haven't really even dipped my toes in it, but it just seems difficult.  Daily I look at different campaigns and wonder how the copywriters came up with their ideas.  What was their mindset  It's all incredibly fascinating.  But then, the other side of the coin is writing for pleasure - which I'm doing right now.

I guess another question to ask would be, "If I love something, and love doing it - does that mean I'm good at it?"  That's the weird thing about writing.  I feel like those who view themselves as writers aren't ever completely "satisfied".  That could be a giant blanket statement that in no way includes every single writer, just a general assumption.  There is this voice in my head saying "It can be better...".

Maybe my greatest strength or biggest feat I have in front of me is getting past that voice.  Becoming more comfortable with my prose and realizing - hey - I may never be completely satisfied with my writing.

What do you think?

Firstly - what is your greatest strength?  Do you ever second guess your abilities?  What do you second guess?  If you don't - when did you get past that stage?  How did you know what you are doing is what you're supposed to be doing?  Let's chat below!