My Journey Into Minimalism | Beauty in Nothing

Stick with me here - I swear I have a point. 

Minimal Means Less Clutter 

With fewer things to look at, you have less to worry about.  Out of sight, out of mind.  When I look at my closet, I see so much less. Fewer shirts hanging up, fewer boxes of shoes, less everything. And it's a feeling I never thought I would experience - that is fully embracing less. It's quite incredible the effect it can have on your state of mind, on top of all the other benefits I've spoken of previously. 

Minimal Means Cleaner 

Let's clear the air right now - I've never been known to be a clean freak. My parents will tell you that, my room mates will tell you that, heck - even my dog might tell you that. But another hidden benefit of having fewer things, which is fairly obvious when you think about it, is there is constantly less mess.  Things are cleaned up because you no longer have those things. Now you have the time to notice things are dirty, so you're more proactive in cleaning them. That time you now have was once dedicated to the copious amounts of things you once had. It's a vicious cycle, but one that can ultimately help you in the long run.

Minimal Means More Time 

Had I not adopted a more minimal lifestyle, I wouldn't have time to be writing this blog post. This website wouldn't exist. I often find myself working more, going to the gym more often, getting coffee with incredible people - everything. Having less things means dedicating time to less. Surprisingly, it seems to be one of minimalism's hidden benefits. 

Minimal Means More Headspace

inhale - exhale. 

Having less means thinking less. More focus can be directed towards more important aspects of life. Reading, writing, learning, going on walks, going to the gym, volunteering - everything you've always wanted to do more of, you can do after you declutter. This is me strongly encouraging you to take full advantage of decluttering and enjoying your new found headspace.