Minimalism and Reinvention

How my new approach to things helped me reinvent myself.

When I talk or think about minimalism and continuing to declutter, I feel this strange charge inside of me.

It could be the feeling of opportunity.

It could be the feeling of excitement.

Whatever it is, I have yet to define it. What I do know is that feeling has lead to a complete revising of my life and lifestyle, and all luckily for the better.

I can remember about three years ago walking the halls of the Mall of America, weekend after weekend, spending paycheck after paycheck. Looking back, I'm a better person because of those weekends.

I no longer own most of the things I bought those weekends.

I have since donated most of the items bought on those weekend trips.

If it wasn't for those times, I wouldn't be the person I am today, nor would I have the mindset I have today. Those times are a constant reminder of how, for lack of a better term, low I can sink in terms of consumerism and the constant struggle of want vs. need.

Do you often struggle with wanting vs. needing what you purchase, or think about purchasing? Sound off below - I'd love your feedback or tips on realizing what is truly important.