Twelve New Habits for 2017

If you're reading this, welcome to 2017. And welcome to a list of twelve habits I intend to build throughout the year. One for each month - using this blog as a weekly recap. The idea behind this is to have each of these be a corner stone of my day - throughout their respective months. Then, at the end of each week, I'll recap my findings.

1. Meditation

  • I've reached level 2 on the amazing Headspace app - which only means you meditate for longer. 20 minutes each day is a drop in the bucket. I hope that this habit sticks and I continue to meditate throughout my entire life.

2. Improv

  • I start Level 4 on January 19th and it continues through March. Since this will be the only full month of level 4 - I figured it's a good time to focus. I'll be focused during the entire class, of course, but this month I'll be sure to write before and after classes - and dictate those notes on here.

3. Grip Training

  • I've always wanted to work on my grip strength, but have never wanted to dedicate time to it at the gym. When it comes to the gym, I want to get in and get out. By having grip strengthening tools at home, I can focus on this during down time.

4. Writing

  • This, too, is something I always need to work on. But having an entire month dedicated to it will really help put my feet to the fire. I'm excited for April.

5. Reading

  • My goal for this month is at least one book per week - which is super fast for me.

6. Running

  • Cardio is the worst. Running is even worse. Hopefully June will make me a convert.

7. Minimizing

  • Gotta practice what I preach, of course! This month I'll really focus on what I need and what I don't by minimizing my things even further.

8. Video Content

  • This is just another fun medium I'd like to explore. Hopefully by then I'll have a few new toys for the camera!

9. Mindfulness

  • By now, I'll have been meditating every day for 9 months. Hopefully I'll have a good handle on being more mindful - while really kicking it into gear in September.

10. Networking

  • This used to be a huge part of my life and October is the perfect month during which to kick-start my networking again. 

11. Photography

  • Once the video content is under my belt, I'll be better equipped behind the camera. Here's to hoping I can take up my photography skill another notch.

12. Reflection

  • I'll reflect on the year with various blog posts about what I loved, what I hated, and where I go from here.