Seven Steps to More Space

After over a year of decluttering, I've come up with a list of tactics that have helped me find more space in my life. Some I've picked up along the way, some are original, and some are a bit radical. Trying one or all of these will lead to more space in your life. That extra space will begin to light a fire within you to continue to find more space.

Below are some simple tips you can try today. These will slingshot you along on your journey of finding more space.

  1. Put Everything You Own on Your Bed
    • This tip comes from the KonMari method of simplifying your life. It is such a genius approach. Take everything in your bedroom, and put it all on your bed. It works in two ways. It puts your things into perspective and forces you to get rid of a lot because you'll need to sleep on your bed in mere hours. It may be overwhelming at first, but once you jump in, it will lead to more space in your bedroom, and more space in your life.
  2. Leave Your Cards at Home
    • I had never thought of this as a legit tactic until one day I went shopping and forgot my wallet at home. I left the store, came home to retrieve my wallet, and realized the desire to purchase was no longer there. I realized I didn't need that item. Not only did I save money that day, but I also prevented more things from coming into my life. I inadvertently created more space. I'll frequently leave my debit and credit cards at home and carry cash. I've found I spend much less money when I only have cash.
  3. Reorganize Your Living Space
    • I'll be covering decluttering a lot throughout this new writing project, but a good way to start is to reenvision your living space. It will help you view your surroundings in an entirely
  4. Clean Out Your Car
    • I don't know about you, but I have a ton of things in my car. Water bottles, t-shirts, dog hair - you name it. I'm incredibly hypocritical by including this on the list, but it'll help me be more mindful of cleaning out my car. Even loose change - put it all somewhere. Either keep it or trash it. It's a simple thing that'll benefit you in more ways than one.
  5. Go For a Walk
    • Exercise is incredible for your mind. A walk isn't too strenuous for most of us but for some it's the most exercise we'll get all week. And that's fine. As long as you're doing something that gets your blood pumping, you're on the right track. You'll be surprised how great you feel after a simple exercise.
  6. Wait 20 Minutes Before Being Impulsive
    • "Wait 20 minutes before buying. It takes about that long to 'cool off' when we find a hot purchase," is an excellent statement from a 2014 article from the Wall Street Journal. I can't tell you how many times I've put the idea in my head that I needed something, gone to the mall, only to find I've subconsciously talked myself out of the purchase during my drive. If the desire or need is still there after 20 minutes, buy the item if you can afford it. But when you're shopping because you're bored, or need some "retail therapy", wait 20 minutes before buying something you might not need.
  7. Throw 10 Things Away
    • Now we're getting to the good stuff! Kidding - it's all good. But I'm all about having fewer things. And I can't tell you how much I've benefitted personally from donating or throwing things away. Firstly, you begin to feel the weight of consumerism life off your shoulders. Of course, you're still going to buy things - and I do too - but you'll become more mindful of your purchases. On this journey, you'll begin to realize what you do and don't need. So start today. Look around. I'm sure there are things you can donate, things you can toss. Whatever your choice, know that reading this article is your first step to living a life full of more space.