Meditation Week 1 - Silent Static

Here's a quick peek into my meditation practices so far for 2017.

So far in week 1:

I find myself looking forward to meditating. If I'm having a rough day or something is bothering me, I use meditation as an excuse to feel better. I know that once I lay there for 15 minutes, afterwards my mind will be clear and I'll feel better. So far, as I write this on day 5, that has been the case.

I started to notice the cognitive benefits pretty heavily after meditating on day 4. That day I had some hectic things come up at work and they had been bothering me all day, even after completing the tasks. I'd say that specific work-related interaction that day took up 80% of my thought process. Then I began to meditate.

Once I laid down and began, I could feel it drift away.

I didn't feel a complete benefit of meditating until I was finished with day 4. I couldn't concentrate on a particular thought - but I was weirdly okay with it. I was happy I couldn't concentrate on something. It was almost as if there was something preventing me from thinking about a negative thought. Like a silent static.

My brain wouldn't let me focus on what was previously bumming me out. That feeling alone is something I want to chase.

The rest of the week I found myself almost forgetting to meditate - which is concerning. I'm looking forward to week two bringing continued benefits!