ALTR - The Workout That'll Change the Way You Work Out

As soon as I walked into ALTR I was blown away. From the space itself, to the coffee and kombucha, to the staff, to the workout - it was an entirely awesome experience.

**To be clear, I'm not in any way being reimbursed to write this. I just really enjoyed my time checking out this new program and thought I'd write about it.**

ALTR located on Washington Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis

ALTR located on Washington Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis

Now that we've got that mumbo jumbo out of the way, lets talk about this place.

Walking in, I was blown away by what they pulled off in the space. The color-scheme is very black/white/beige/tan and the entire space is gorgeous. There is plenty of gorgeous merch lining the shelves - which I'm still mad I didn't take advantage of. Opposite the merch is nitro coffee and/or kombucha ON TAP. Shut up AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Lets dive into the workout itself. Now I don't want to give away too much of the ALTR method, but lets just say it's very HIIT focused. But it's so much more than that. 

A little background on my fitness history so you can maybe gauge whether or not this sort of workout is for you.

I went to The Movement Minneapolis forever. For the most part, their programming is solely focused on 1) bio-feedback and 2) powerlifting. If I were to choose two things that The Movement represents, it would be those two. It is an amazing place, the people are great, and trainers are second-to-none. But, as I got more comfortable and focused on my particular fitness goals, I stepped away from their programming which was very HIIT-focused as well. Big mistake looking back.

Having had a taste of HIIT at The Movement, I knew what it was all about. And I knew I didn't really want to do it because holy shit - it's hard.

Recently I made the jump to a boxing gym in Northeast Minneapolis called Uppercut. I made the jump because I wanted to learn some sort of self-defense, and boxers are in incredibly good shape. Two birds with one stone, right?

First day, I was feeling great. Until we broke out the jump ropes and boy, those things will humble you within the first 20-seconds of using them. Long story short, boxing gyms focus a lot on cardio. More than I ever thought. Silly me. Long story longer, I'm still currently at that gym and have learned to master the jump rope.

Yup - cold brew AND kombucha post-workout

Yup - cold brew AND kombucha post-workout


Fast-forward to my day at ALTR. Greeted by a marquee bright marquee, which is a great touch, I was super eager to step foot into the amazing workout space. 

This workout was at 9:30am so we did the half-hour lunch workout, which wasn't easy! You'd think that it being a half-hour vs. longer would be easier - it wasn't!

Courtney, our awesome instructor who could charm the pants off of a snake, giddily informed us that were we to have visited during a normal length class, we'd have done extra reps of each of the workouts! Needless to say, I was stoked on the half-hour version because m'weakling and was breathing TOO heavy by the time we were in Shavasana at the end of class.

By the time the workout ended, I couldn't have been happier to get out of the workout space, but in the best way. 

One thing I don't want to overlook was the coaching, encouragement, and overall awesome vibes that were felt throughout the entire half-hour period.

Coaches sneaking over your shoulder and cheering you on or guiding proper technique, high-fives from fellow classmates as you move from station to station, it was great. It not only made the class fly by, but was also just an amazing environment to be in - especially because this sort of workout surely isn't everyones forté. 

The ALTR Marquee that greets you as you walk into the workout room

The ALTR Marquee that greets you as you walk into the workout room

Alright - TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) about ALTR? 

1) If you're into HIIT workouts - or are looking to try one - for sure go here. Like, now. Go here.
2) Get your iPhone out for grammable moments around every corner.
3) Be prepared to breath heavily in front of a bunch of strangers while awesome classmates and trainers cheer you on and chug nitro cold brew with you after class.