Beckett Simonon Reid Low Top Sneaker Review - AndyLikesThings

Being a menswear blogger and footwear nerd gives you the opportunity to write about cool stuff. In my opinion, anyway. I recently tried out the Beckett Simonon Reid sneaker and was blown away by everything that this sleek shoes provided. Everything from look, to functionality, to overall build quality - I was sold at first sight. Take a look at a few more of my observations below!

Made-to-order and produced in-house, all Beckett Simonon products are stylish, well made, and built to last.

With a manufacturing system as minimal as their shoes, Beckett Simonon shoes provide high-end products at a low cost. One of the most minimalist and elegant sneakers in existence, Beckett Simonon re-imagines a classic silhouette with their own spin.

As you can see, the upper is incredibly minimal. There’s very little stitching, branding, or various blemishes of any kind. Their clean, streamlined design make the high-quality, full-grain leather on total display. Most sneaker companies simply view the upper as an essential part of the shoe, of course. But with the Beckett Simonon reid low, the beautiful upper is the main focal point and a statement piece, at that.


Handcrafted in smaller batches, Beckett Simonon footwear comes complete with extra durable side stitched construction matched with a lace-up design and folded topline edges. The interior is lined with premium Vachetta leather that enhances breathability while matching the color of the exterior.

The shoes come with removable cushioned inserts that provide more comfort, while the sturdy rubber sole will support you for years to come. The rubber sole will also last a lifetime, further proof of the brand’s high-quality dedication. Similar to other high-quality leather products, the Reid low will develop a patina over time, gaining more character with every wear. Be wary, however, the Reid low shoes don’t fit true to size. Beckett Simonon will walk you through how to properly size the shoes once you visit their website.

Having worn the Beckett Simonon Reid Low for a little over a month, there are only a few things about the shoes that I’m not a fan of. For starters, they’re very low. The collar goes well-below the ankle bone which was a new feeling for me. It doesn’t take away from the shoe itself, just a different look and feel for me personally.

Second, is the lacing system. Rather, the way the laces look. Because the shoe is lower on the sides, it causes the shoe itself to be It’s hard to describe. This, again, is just a preference thing. It by no means takes away from the beauty or feel of the shoe.

Those are two - the only two - things that surprised me when I first started wearing the shoes. As I continue to break them in, I’m sure they’ll grow on me more and more and I’ll fall head over heels in love with them all over again.