Bespoke Post Review - Is It Worth It?

Bespoke Post is a monthly subscription club for men that delivers boxes of various goods various price points. It's a go-to for high quality menswear and house wears, among other things. So, is the price worth it?

Bespoke Post is a monthly subscription club for men that delivers boxes of various goods at $45/month for members, and $55 per box for non-members.

The company’s boxes feature a mix of American - and foreign-made goods. The site also features a male-focused blog that centers on culture, relationships, travel, and fashion. In this Bespoke Post Review you’ll get a look at how the subscription service works and what you can expect from becoming a member!

How Does Bespoke Post Work?

Just like many of the other subscription services in the world today, Bespoke Post entices you to sign up for their $45-a-month box shipments. The catch here is that you can opt out of whatever box they want to send you, so you aren't obligated to pay the $45 monthly fee. But most of the time you won't want to opt out.

Before you sign up, you simply answer a few questions about your preferences and provide them payment information and your address.

Subsequent shipments are sent out based on your preferences. You’ll get an email on the first of the month listing that month’s collection of boxes. Bespoke Post then gives you a five-day window to decide if you like your box or you want to switch it out for something else. You can also skip the shipment altogether and you won’t be charged.

Shipping and exchanges are free, according to Bespoke Post's website.

If you don’t want to join the Bespoke Post membership program, you can buy single boxes for $55. You can choose from the same boxes members choose.

Bespoke Post also has an online store that features items you won’t find in your box, but nonetheless reflect the Bespoke style and philosophy.

Some of the items you see in boxes and in the store are Bespoke Post branded, while others are manufactured by companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Review of My Most Recent Bespoke Box - Dwell

I loved this box. It has probably been my favorite to-date. It contained a throw blanket by Line of Trade, as well as these awesome incense nuggets that burn and smell fantastic. I've never personally been a fan of throw blankets but this one won me over not only because it went really well with my bedroom set, but because of how comfortable and warm it is.

The only issue I might have with it is that its a bit too small for me. I'm 5'11 and I never really feel like it covers me. BUT - the next time I have that special someone over, I'm sure she'll love it, which is just fine with me. 

I also added a few extra goodies to the box itself, which is an awesome perk, but more details on those will come in later blog posts.

My Personal Review of Bespoke Post

I’ve been extremely pleased with what I've received with my four Bespoke Post boxes.

The first box I received was the Weekender, which included a leather-handled canvas weekend bag I’ve used when traveling on planes and on various road trips. It's a very versatile bag and is made very well. It's my go-to carry on/weekend bag as the name suggests.

I've gotten a few more since then, and they've all been great, but my favorite so far as definitely been Dwell, my most recent pick-up.

Final Thoughts

Bespoke post has been a go-to for me for in terms of menswear, advice, blog content, and just overall time killing. The website is built in such a way that it's easy to navigate, plus it doesn't hurt that the products are awesome.

As I get older I realize I need to bring things into my life that are going to last. No more H&M jeans that are starchy as shit and shrink. More Taylor Stitch. This website has helped me realize that, so it has changed my life, as cheesy as that sounds.

I'm all for Bespoke post and hopefully this blogpost has helped sway you one way or the other.