The 1 Type of Pen You Need to Own

As a proclaimed long-form writing lover, I'm going to need some good pens. I've gone through different pen phases - as weird as that is to say. But there is one that I consistently come back to and is a staple in my pocket and backpack.

Pens I've Used in the Past

Ballpoint pens - These used to be my go-to when it came to long-hand writing. I love the way a ballpoint pen feels on paper. The best part is it doesn't matter what paper you're writing on - it always feels good. One problem I run into with ballpoint pens is that the ink doesn't flow very well. It could be the quality of the pen I'm using, but it seems like a fairly consistent issue across all ballpoint pens. For me, at least.

Felt tip pens - I've never been a huge fan of these. I feel like I'm a teacher when I'm using them. I also don't like the design of the pen itself. The weird traction on the outside where the area between your thumb and index, the feel of the tip on paper, it gives me the heeby-jeebies. Lastly, call me crazy, but the idea of the furry tip writing on paper makes me cringe. Like, the word "moist" to most people. That level of cringe.

Gel pens - I was never a huge fan of these, but used them for a time in the past. Too wet. Too messy. The ink didn't look right when I wrote with them. My handwriting looks like a rock concert when I write with gel pens. Even my signature. It's just such a slippery type of pen, I can't handle it. 

I write in all capital letters, so my handwriting isn't the best as is, so writing with a gel pen is an absolute nightmare.

The Reveal

And now, ladies and gentlemen, behold - the best writing utensil known to all mankind...

Sharpie Pens!

Yes, sharpie pens are my immediate go-to when it comes to long-hand writing. For a multitude of reasons so simple you'd wonder why you hadn't started using them years ago.

Everything about them is perfect. The feel of the pen on the paper doesn't make you cringe each time you write a word, which is perfect if you're aware of how important that is.

The ink doesn't bleed or look messy unless you have messy handwriting to begin with. In fact, at time when I feel like I'm writing too sloppily, the ink will almost help my writing look better. It's weird.

And the ink flow never dries up! I've been using these things religiously for the last 3 years and they have yet to dry up.

I swear by these things and I think you need to give them a try. Fill up your journals with some proper ink. I'm 100% you'll never go back to using other pens - I know I did!