Bizzy Coffee Cold Press Review - AndyLikesThings

I'm a coffee freak. Morning, noon, or night, I always want to be drinking it. I think it's in my DNA somehow. My family has a running joke that my dad would mow the lawn on a hot, humid, June afternoon and come in and brew a pot of hot coffee and drink it like it was water. So I think I know where - or who - I get it from.

All that said, I need to talk about one of my new favorite coffee concoctions - and it starts with Bizzy Coffee Cold Brew.

When Bizzy Coffee approached me to work with them, I was incredibly excited. Not only because I'm a huge coffee fan, but because I've always loved their product and their overall vibe. I've been drinking their stuff non-stop, really. Unfortunately, I'm about to run out so I thought I'd jot down all of the thoughts I could before my stock is completely gone.

The coffee itself, as you can imagine, is a bit strong. But, myself, I like strong coffee. Especially if it comes with a nice, solid buzz afterward. Bizzy Coffee doesn't disappoint in the department whatsoever. I throw some coconut milk into the cold brew concentrate, maybe some ice, and I'm good to go. Bizzy Coffee provides a great cool treat even on the coldest of winter days, and it'll only be more enjoyable once we get into the thick of summer.

For me, I like to keep it fairly simple. As I mentioned above, here is my go-to recipe:

  1. As much cold brew as I think I can handle for that day/time

  2. A splash of any sort of milk I have on-hand - ideally vanilla coconut milk, which is my favorite as of right now

  3. A bunch of ice cubes as not only does it help keep the cold brew concoction, well, cold - but also helps add a bit of flare to the cocktail itself

And there you have it. It's that simple. Take this recipe as a building-block as you can essentially add whatever you'd like from here. But if you're a fan of cold brew, you'll love this Bizzy Coffee creation.

One of my favorite cold brew concentrates I've tried - by far. Not only does it taste good and fuel you for a day of productivity, it's a local brand to Minneapolis. I'm all for each of those things and Bizzy Coffee doesn't disappoint at all. I have yet to try their "shots" as I'm more traditional when it comes to how I drink my coffee. That said, you can find any of their products on Amazon! Try for yourselves and let me know what you think.