Buck Mason Denim Review

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you know I’m a huge fan of Buck Mason. I’ve written about their t-shirts and button-ups in the past, but never the Buck Mason Denim. Well now that time has come. I’ve been breaking them in over the past few weeks and i’m excited to tell you what I think.

I diverted from my usual purchase of blue selvage and opted for their slim fit in black. I’ve been wearing them for about three months so far, around twice a week. I don’t have the most strenuous job and/or schedule so the fades aren’t there just yet. Daily wear and tear has helped break them in for sure, though.

In short - this pair of Buck Mason Denim is quickly becoming my go-to. Sure, you can’t wear black denim all the time. But the comfort and fit that these bring to my wardrobe is almost unmatched. The fit is perfect and the price-point is maybe the best aspect of all. This model is perfect for someone trying to get into denim, but not super sure where to start.


  • Weight: 14 Oz.

  • Fabric: 14 oz. Japanese Stretch Denim (99% Cotton, 1% Stretch)

  • Fit: Slim

  • Details: Dull Steel Nickel Hardware

I knew going into this purchase that this particular pair of Buck Mason denim wouldn’t fade like other pairs I own. That’s partly because their black, but also partly because of the stretch fabric woven into the cotton. That’s okay because they’ll still fade, and will be an entirely different look than other pairs in my closet. Variety - it’s the spice of life!


The fit is great - there’s no doubt. Their still a bit tighter than other denim I’ve broken in but that’s just it - they’re not fully broken in yet. I usually go for a slim fit pair of denim - and this is pretty slim. But what’s hard in the beginning pays off in the end especially with the Buck Mason slim fit.

Along with the fit comes the length of the denim itself. It’s perfect for me as I generally like a longer pant. I love the stacked look and these - coming in at a 32x34 are perfect for the look and fit I want. Stacking may not be the go-to for some, but this pair is perfect if you want to stack your denim. If not, a simple trip the tailor should do the trick.

via Buck Mason

via Buck Mason

At 14 ounces, it’s a bit heavier than a traditional pair of denim, but it’s perfect for the fall and winter months. My pair has been breaking in quickly but there’s still some crunch to get rid of. After it breaks in, the 14oz will feel less like a 14oz but will still have the thickness and warmth of when you first put them on.


via Buck Mason

via Buck Mason

What I’ve found with all of my Buck Mason products is that no details are left untouched. Like any garment, there may be a few loose threads here and there but for the most part, everything is perfect in terms of construction.


As I said before, some Buck Mason denim is a great place to start for anyone looking to get into denim while not breaking the bank at the same time. Prices can get out of hand quick when it comes to selvage denim, but Buck Mason is the perfect entry point for anyone trying to add some class to their denim collection.

Not only do they come at an awesome price point, but they work with anything in your wardrobe. For $135ish, you’ll be getting a high quality, well-made pair of denim that will last for ages and go with whatever you currently own.