Buck Mason Indigo Chambray Review

It's the generation of chambray. Everywhere you look, someone is wearing it. It's usually in the form of a long-sleeve button up. At least, that is what I'm most familiar with. A favorite of mine is the Buck Mason Indigo Chambray. 


It's the silhouette of a generation, revitalized. A nice chambray shirt is a call-back to generations less focused on "likes", and more focused on doing with with your hands. It's the staple of American work wear, so it’s fitting that this particular brand is American-made.

Buck Mason’s take on this classic double-pocket chambray shirt is unique. Their version is an airy, lighter-than-average wash, making it a perfect shirt for warmer weather. 

Breaking In

There isn't much of a breaking in period as, well, it's a shirt. That said, the material may take some time to get used to, especially if you like to wear your button-up shirts with no t-shirt on underneath. The Buck Mason chambray shirt may feel a bit corse on your skin at first, but once you wear it more often and you get used to the feel, it becomes incredibly soft.



Clean double stitching and good angles give this chambray from Buck Mason a slightly western feel. Its point collar and corozo cat eye buttons offer a darker, more angled look than some of the other chambrays, making it great for late night soirées and weekend getaways.


When available, the shirt can run anywhere from $95 to $105. I say "when available" as you aren't able to purchase all of the Buck Mason products at all times. Their products are seasonal and when they're out, they're out. This is part of the reason I'm such a fan of Buck Mason as well.

It for sure isn't the cheapest chambray shirt on the market, but if it's a Buck Mason chambray shirt you know it's going to be American made, and well made.


Founders Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn started Buck Mason with the purpose of “standing out by being subtle,” and their indigo chambray feels like a mission accomplished. The shirt goes well with jeans - black or blue - khaki's or chino's. Heck, maybe even shorts.

If you're willing to spend $95 to $105 on a Buck Mason shirt, the chambray shirt is one of the best to go with. It's light, stylish, and will surely last  a long time.