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I've been a fan of Buck Mason for a few years now and it seems like every with every purchase I become an even bigger fan. I have yet to buy any denim or pants from them, but I'm sure they're also bangers. I've focused mostly on their shirts and am absolutely in love with my most recent delivery.

If you're unfamiliar with Buck Mason, Buck Mason t shirts and their overall vibe, let's take a look at something pulled directly from their website. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect from Buck Mason in terms of their approach to creating their garments, as well as the materials used.

"Our Buck Mason t shirts are built from beautiful 100% slub cotton. Slub is lightly textured fabric made of small batch, low-tension looms. The neck opening leaves room to breathe, while the rounded shirttail lends a tailored look to an everyday essential."

Being that summer is just around the corner here in Minneapolis, MN - we think - I decided it was time to re-vamp my t-shirt wardrobe. I had a few graphic tees and what not, but nothing that A) fit well enough to wear on a summer day and B) was really my style anymore. I jokingly laugh to my self that because I'm constantly re-inventing my style must mean that I'm completely lost a person. Who knows! Maybe! But that said, that reinvention has brought me to brands like Taylor Stitch, Red Wing, and Buck Mason - and I couldn't be happier with the intentional fashion that now fills my closet.

If you want to invest in a quality T-shirt that's going to last you more than a few washes, you're going to want a piece that is built with care and quality. Born in the home of well-made American goods, Buck Mason originated in Cleveland, OH. Inspired by their surroundings in Cleveland, founders Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg were driven to launch a brand focusing on garments made in America in modern fits and fabrics. Their innovative approach to their T-shirt line is no exception.

My Buck Mason T shirt Review

Right away, based on feel and build, I could already tell these shirts were going to be the favorite shirts in my closet. The slubbed hem - meaning it rounds off in the front and back for more length - is something that no other brand I've seen is doing, and it is completely revolutionary. I've always been on the hunt for a t-shirt long enough for my torso, and the Buck Mason t shirt is a hit. Plus, this build brings an entirely new flare to your closet.

From everything I've seen online, their brand and their pieces are a total smash. Especially now, it makes sense, as a lot of their vibe and feel can be seen on Instagram. One visit to their site and you realize you've definitely seen their aesthetic on your Instagram feed at one point or another. In all, the Buck Mason t shirt is an easily accessible and versatile piece to add to your closet. It may be a higher price point than some, but you're getting more craftsmanship, innovation, and quality than most - if not all. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple. You'll be glad you did.


  • Lightweight and breezy

  • Incredibly soft

  • Goes with anything

  • Unique build and different from other shirts in the menswear market


  • Shrinks after a few washes

  • Sleeves are a bit shorter than other t-shirts I've owned

  • All-in-all not my favorite when it comes to sleeve length