Can-Can Wonderland - A Fantastic Local Getaway

Have you been here yet? No? Well - get there. Please. It's seriously so much fun - and this review will just barely scratch the surface.

A huge thank you goes out to the awesome folks at MN Blogger bash for the invite, Can-Can Wonderland greatly encompasses the spirit of local creatives. But, in all honestly, this review will do almost zero justice to how cool this place really is. 

Initial Rundown


Finding the place is almost as curious as the place itself. One you find it - in an industrial part of St. Paul - you're lead on a Wonka-like adventure before you even get to Can-Can itself. Twists, turns, stairs, and graffiti all great you before you walk into Wonderland. But it's all so worth it.

Once you walk in, you can feel your smile touch both ears. The place is a bit overwhelming at first, but of course in the best way. Colors, music, mini golf, cocktails, pinball - anything and everything a fan of vintage fun would enjoy. 

What stood out most to me as I walked in was the abundance of color. We're beaten over the head these days with Swedish design and aesthetics across Instagram, it was so refreshing to be hit with such vibrant sites and sounds as soon as I walked in.

Fueled by Bittercube libations, the menu is as colorful as the ambiance. From boozy milkshakes to other fun alcoholic drinks, the menu is on-point. Aside from beverages, the food options are solid too.



Mini Golf

This was easily the most difficult course I've ever played. I wasn't expecting it to be easy, based on my initial scope out of the course.  But it was super hard. So don't go in thinking you're going to get a hole-in-one at each, or any, hole. You most likely wont. Especially the hole with a batting tee. That's right - a batting tee.

This is the most original course I've ever been to, and doesn't have all of the typical mini golf tropes you see. Well, I take that back. There were - but they were bizzaro tropes. Like, mini ferris wheels that were part of mouse trap-like contraption, a 200-foot long hole that is literally a 200-foot straight shot, and my friend here to the right - a giant pink elephant. The entire course perfectly encapsulated what Can-Can embodies.


The Verdict

Well, the title sort of gives it away but alas! I need you to go here. It is so much fun. Like taking a step back in time, but with a modern feel.

What exactly does that mean? No idea - ask all the coffee I've drank so far today.

In all seriousness if you like mini golf, live music, old-school video games, fun drinks and good food - or any one of those - Can-Can Wonderland is a place you need to visit. 

Oh did I mention the super friendly staff? They can't go overlooked. They were incredibly friendly, warm, and helpful with any questions I had. The bartenders oozed swagger and random other workers throughout the space were just as nice as the next. 

So be sure to swing through the next time you have a few hours to kill. Rumor has it Can Can...can...get pretty busy on the weekends, which doesn't surprise me. Be sure to get there early, stay late, and have all the fun in the world.