Comparing Yourself To or Being Inspired By

Today's world is a strange one. A convenient, over-stimulating, fun one - but still strange. Social media this, or SnapChat that, or "so-and-so" did this. It's exhausting. I'm as guilty of it as anyone. I sometimes do things because I find myself comparing myself to others. It's human nature, right? 


It's hard not to compare yourself to others especially in today's society. But what's most important is that you realize when you're doing it. Notice I say "when" - because we're all guilty of it. You have a friend your graduated high school with who seems like makes more money than you. Maybe your friend just got engaged and you're still waiting for a ring. Whatever the case, we've all been there. But if your cognizant enough to notice when you're doing it, stop. Take a deep breath, overcome the feeling, and you'll save yourself a ton of anxiety and stress.

How do you stop? I wish I knew. What I've found helpful is realizing when I'm doing it. Once I've realized I'm doing it, I give myself a proverbial kick to the groin. Finally, I read my mental pep talk that goes something like this, "Hey moron, figure it out. You're not them. They're not you. You each have your own path. Suck it up and be better". Sort of aggressive, sure, but it works.

Develop something similar you can mentally say when you find yourself in compare mode. Self talk can go two way - the doubtful talk, or the uplifting talk. Choose one.


To me, being inspired by someone is much different than comparing yourself to someone. They're similar, though. A peer of yours does something cool and you say to yourself, "Man, I should do something like that". The word "should" is essential in this scenario. Should can be a motivator. If someone were to say "could", that's somewhat of a doubtful word. Sure you could, but you might not. By using "could", you're already instilling a bit of doubt in yourself.  


Compare yourself to no one. No one will ever be you. You will never be anyone else. You can take an infinite amount of steps to, in your mind, become better than someone at some thing. And if that's your goal, go for it. Don't let "being better" than someone be a motivator. Thats a toxic thought. Remember you have your own path. You're doing your own things. Stay in your lane.