Daily Harvest Subscription Review

I've never been a huge fan of eating greens. Sure, a salad every once in a while is great but - that's rare. Rare like I like my steak in fact. Since I realized that there were ways around eating pounds of vegetables per day, I've been obsessed with "bio-hacking" how I can still get those nutrients without having to choke down some chard. Enter Daily Harvest.


Daily Harvest is a subscription service that sends you, at your frequency preference, cups of frozen fruit and vegetables. The idea is, then, you mix them with the suggested liquid (it says on the cup) and throw it all in a blender. Let it blend, enjoy, and start you morning off right with something healthy and nutritious. One of the best parts about the service, aside from the delicious smoothies, is that it's a perfect breakfast/lunch/dinner - with very little clean up. Just wash out the blender and you're good to go.


It sounds great, right? Where can you sign up? That'll come later - first, lets touch on how much everything costs.

I personally get 6 Daily Harvest smoothies once/week - and that runs me about $50 bucks/week. Steep? To some, sure. But for me, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Daily Harvests' convenience factor, the nutrition, the lack of clean-up - all of that. Compare Daily Harvest to various fruits and veggies you could get at the store, it's obviously much more expensive. But think about it - if you buy fresh produce with the idea of drinking a smoothie every morning, you're going to get 2 or maybe 3 days out of the newly purchased produce. Maybe

With Daily Harvest's frozen produce, they last for a few weeks. Simply give up some space in your freezer for them.

Another great benefit of Daily Harvests' subscription service is how it gives you the ability to change or pause your orders right away. You simply log into your account, choose some new smoothies or pause the service for a week or two - and go on with your day. Daily Harvest seriously one of the easiest subscription services I've ever used.


I really enjoy playing with new concoctions I can make with each Daily Harvest smoothie. Most times, I'll only add half of the smoothie to a blender full of protein powder, coconut milk, flax seeds, amino acids and maybe some creatine post-workout. That way, I have a recipe book - more or less - of various shakes to eat in the morning or post-workout. 

All of that said, sometimes the traditional Daily Harvest shake really hits the spot. What's nice about them - aside from all of the other benefits I've mentioned about - are how tasty and versatile they all are with or without additions.


Lets face it, Daily Harvest subscription isn't cheap. However if you can look past the price, the various benefits of the service far outweigh its' cost. All nutrition plus little clean up, matched with an easy to use online portal, this is one of the best subscription services available.

If you're interested - I've got some FREE smoothies for you! Click here and we can get you all situated!