AndyLikesThings Profile - David Jungers

In a new series I'm bringing to the blog, I'll be profiling some of my closest and most talented friends in the city. To kick the series off, I present you the talented Mr. David Jungers.

Do you remember how we met, Monsieur Jungers?

  • I think we first met on Twitter. In-person, I want to say it was through MIMA, but we’ve attended a lot of the same marketing/social media events. It may have been through another organization.

Yes! I remember it - we met on the Moto i rooftop. You and Erin were working still and it was so insane/cool to me the sort of job you two had. Now fast-forward X number of years and we're good friends. So crazy how the internet can create friendships.

You live in the North Loop – one of the trendiest spots in the cities. What is your favorite part about living there? Least favorite?

Partial Minnesota Creative Professionals Crew!

Partial Minnesota Creative Professionals Crew!

  • Favorite part is living within walking distance of my favorite things: breweries, parks, a dog park, restaurants (Blacksheep Pizza). My least favorite thing is that there isn’t really a sense of community. It feels like a lot of individuals living in a cool place, but it doesn’t feel like a real neighborhood.  





This past summer, you and I saw Tim and Eric live in downtown Minneapolis. One thing, among many, I really appreciate about you is your sense of humor. I'm so dang thankful you find Tim and Eric as awkward and hilarious as I do. What are your Top 5 Tim and Eric sketches?

For anyone who doesn't know, David is a real life pizza boy. Loves him some piping hot 'za. If you could have Pizza with any 3 people – living or dead – who would you choose?

  • Zach Galifianakis

  • Anderson Cooper

  • President Obama

The ultimate question then - What kind of pizza would you order?

  • I’m a pepperoni and sausage fan, but probably whatever kind of pizza President Obama wanted.

I think I know the answer to this, but what is the most overrated Pizza topping? Underrated?

  • Pineapple is the most overrated. Nothing ruins a pizza faster than soggy, warm pineapple. Most underrated is pepperoncinis.

You have an adorable and rambunctious husky named Nikita, and a beautiful and charming girlfriend, Tara Niebeling. Who loves you more, Tara or ‘Kita?

I've heard how much Tara's dad loves Nikiti but tell me - Who loves ‘Kita more – Tara’s Dad or you two?

  • We love Nikita more, but Tara’s dad loves Nikita a lot.

Not only have we bonded over comedy, but I feel like you and I are both equally dorky and passionate about superheroes. Favorite Marvel superhero and why?

  • I’ve always been a big fan of Spiderman. I always related to the quick wit/humor he developed as a result of being a bit of a nerd. Even when he got his superpowers he still continued to pursue knowledge and use that to enhance his abilities. He’s one of the smarter superheroes in the Marvel universe and I appreciate that.

It's easy to find fellow creatives in the digital/social sphere around town. You're someone I've always looked up to, especially working in the same/similar fields. What keeps you motivated to continue to strive to make cool shit?

Stoked to call this delicate gem a friend

Stoked to call this delicate gem a friend

  • First, that’s really nice of you to say. I have a great deal of respect for you, too. My motivation comes from trying to focus on the people I’m working with rather than just focusing on the day-to-day work. It’s great to work on a kick ass project, but that doesn’t always happen. If you focus on helping people around you, you’ll find joy no matter what type of work you’re doing.

Secondly, when the opportunity arises to work on a killer project try to take the time to appreciate it. After it’s done reflect on what you accomplished and take note of the things that you really liked about it. Determine whether you can replicate the areas that you loved and then use that to grow.


You worked on a lot of cool project at the Mall of America – do you have any that stand out as most memorable, for better or worse?

  • My favorite part of being at Mall of America was working with the extremely talented people. My partner in crime was Erin (Vande Steeg) Blanton. We worked on some really cool stuff, but I am most proud that Erin and I were given the opportunity to build the social media department infrastructure and eventually hire 6 people to our social media team.

Our team focused heavily on making sure that visitors were having a good time on-site or online. It was awesome to surprise guest with a great experience via social media. It always put a smile on my face.

I got to meet a lot of celebrities (ranging from A-list to D-list), which was great. Not because I got to meet famous people, but because it taught me great life lesson. The lesson being that people are just people, even if they are very famous. Some celebrities were jerks, some were incredibly sweet, but at the end of the day they were all just human beings trying to make the best of their situation just like the rest of us.

How long are you going to grow out those luscious curls?

  • I’m going on 3 years now (although I did get a little trim a few months back). I don’t have a specific timeline. When it feels right to cut my hair off I will find a place to donate it and go back to that short hair life.

What is your favorite game on the Nintendo Switch so far? Any you’re looking forward to?

  • Mario Odyssey is my favorite game of the year. They did a great job of paying homage to past Marios, while setting a new path for Odyssey. My favorite indie game on the Switch is Golf Story. It’s a fun little golf RPG that’s very charming with solid mobile gameplay. I played it for hours on my flight to Japan recently.

I’m a big Samus Aran fan so I’m pretty excited for Metroid Prime 4. Crossing my fingers for a Super Smash Bros. announcement for the Switch soon, too.

A fraction of our dedicated brunch crew. This was not brunch, btw - it was a going away dinner for our friend Alex at Revival St. Paul!

A fraction of our dedicated brunch crew. This was not brunch, btw - it was a going away dinner for our friend Alex at Revival St. Paul!

We’ve got a fairly dedicated local creative brunch crew. Where is your favorite place to brunch in the cities?

That's all I got for now. I'd love a final sign-off. Any other parting thoughts/wisdom?

  • Very cliche, but be nice to people. You never know what someone is going through. Almost everyone is dealing with something, even if they seem like they have their shit together. We are also going through a really weird time as a country right now. That affects some people more than others. If you are someone who is not as affected, do not get complacent.

Stand up for people who don’t have a voice. Empower people who are getting trampled and try to lift people up with you instead of putting them down. And eat a lot of pizza because pizza makes you happy.