Digitally Declutter with these Apps

If you're at all like me - or any human today - you've got tons of apps on your smartphone or tablet. One is your calendar, one your to-do list, one your grocery list, etc. You get it. There are a ton of cool ones out there but there comes a time to digitally purge those you don't need.

Well fear not you sexy, sexy reader. Luckily for you, and me, and all of humanity, there are a few apps that streamline your digital endeavors, allowing you more time to focus on more important things. Caveat - be sure to pick a good home screen photo 'cuz once you get rid of the junk on your phone and try out these apps - you'll finally be able to appreciate it properly


This one is easily becoming my favorite app. Evernote is basically your all-in-one tool for...everything. Take a photo of something at work, it digitizes it so you can recycle that paper instead of filling it away in a file cabinet. Create different folders or "notebooks" in which to digitally store items. For instance, I deal with a lot of paper at work. So I created a "Work Notebook" in EverNote. I take photos of notes/thoughts from work, then store them in that work notebook. It's super easy. 

That is just one of the many benefits of EverNote. Just imagine a work desk not cluttered by thousands of notes. Sounds nice, right? It is.

I'd go on-and-on about the features of Evernote, but what's the fun in that? Go check it out for yourself. You'll thank me later.


Pocket is a close second when it comes to my favorites. Duh, because of it's positioning on this list. 

Pocket is an app that lets you save articles for later. Say you're on twitter and find something awesome that you don't have a ton of time to read, but for sure want to read it. Well Pocket will save the link for you, so you can refer to it on desktop or mobile when you have a second to read it. Evernote gives you similar capabilities, so pick your poison.

They're both incredibly easy and fun to use, and will only streamline your day that much more.


This one is. a. GAME CHANGER. I seriously swear by this app. Not only is it completely ground-breaking - in my eyes - it is easily one of the most convenient apps ever created.

IFTTT aka IF This Then That AKA IF - does all the dirty work for you. Say you upload a photo to Instagram but also want to e-mail that photo to a friend. There are what IF calls "recipes" that allow you to do exactly that. You would just choose a recipe that says "If I Upload to Instagram, e-mail my G-mail this photo". Once that recipe is in place and you upload a photo to Instagram, voila - you'll be able to e-mail that photo to your friend. 

The above-mentioned recipe is just one of hundreds on their app - and you can create your own too. An app that is full of customization options and, when given the proper access, does all of your tedious digital work for you? Sign me up.

Oh wait I'm already signed up so don't sign me up. That was just me reiterating how much I like the app. 


This one is sort of a gimme.

Headspace is a mindful meditation app - so it doesn't streamline your digital presence, or help cut down on digital clutter per-say. But it could be the bridge between your digital life and living a more fulfilled, slowed down life. There's some irony in a smartphone app that encourages mindful meditation, but it works. The guide is Australian, and his name is Andy. A sweet accent and an even better name.


So you've seen my list - tell me about yours! Are any of these on your list of apps?