Do Something You've Always Wanted to Do

You've seen the encouraging Pinterest Pins. You've seen the meme's on Facebook and the tweets on Twitter. Well consider this another drop in the proverbial self-affirmation bucket. 

There's no hurt in trying something new and hopefully with some of this encouragement, you'll be able to realize that sooner versus realizing it too late.

Find Someone Who Encourages You
Whether it be a best friend, acquaintance, family member, partner - whoever. Encouragement plants the seed. It gives you that nudge to get outside your comfort zone. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and you'll do incredible things.

You Have Zero to Lose
Long before I started improv, I would almost get physically ill at the thought of speaking in front of people. Now, I find myself first to try new skits or routines while in class. What led to this dramatic shift? Not giving a shit. Life is too short to be swallowed by the thought of how people may react to you. They can think whatever they want. Your goal isn't to change how they feel - people are dumb sometimes. Your goal is to be you and to have fun. 

Go into something looking for fun, an experience, or to try something - anything - you've never done before. You have zero to lose.

Do It to Say You've Done It
If it isn't for you, so be it. You tried it. How good of a feeling is that? I'm sticking with improv because it makes me feel like a better, more accomplished person after each class. Were you to tell me in 8th grade that I'd be in Improv Level 2 at age 28, I'd have awkwardly laughed in your face. This goes back to my blog post about quitting.

Don't let pride get in your way of sticking with something that isn't successful. Would you rather sacrifice happiness for "going down with your ship"? I sure as shit wouldn't. I'd jump off that sinking ship and get on dry land ASAP. Then, when I'm back on dry land, I can confidently say it didn't work out. 

There are two lists in life: The Bucket List and The F***it List. The bucket list is full of things you want to do before you die. The other, a list of things you want to try. If they go well - great! If not - F*** it. Do it to say you've done it.