Embrace Simple Living in 2016

Do me a favor. Look around your desk.

You might have a pair of headphones.

Some post-it's, random pens and pencils strewn about. Papers piling up. 

Stuff. Just stuff. 

As I write this I'm looking at my own desk, anxiety level increasing as desk space decreases.

Now ask yourself: What exactly do you need on your desk? Do you need those papers? Are the important to your work? If they were - you may have filed them away by now, no? How about those pens - do they even work? Do you even like those pens? Are they gel pens? Those are the worst - throw them out.

Clean desk yet? Good. Consider that a small win. Now - how much better do you feel? It looks great, huh? A clean desk. I don't totally buy into the whole "the messier the desk, the more creative" idea. That sounds like something a messy writer came up with.

So your desk looks great. How about your car?

There's some trash in there. Don't act like there isn't. Take a simple trip to the garbage can and viola - cleaner car. More gel pens in your car? Sheesh! Get rid of those things! They leak everywhere, the ink runs - they're just the worst. 

What am I getting at here? "Andy you're being long-winded again - what's your point?"

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Realize What You Don't Need

A huge motivator for my blog was not only to write - but to provide a better reason to write.

In early 2015, I went through some personal growth. So I decided to write about it. In writing about it I realized there was a much bigger issue at the center of my then current predicament. So I started to de-clutter. It brought so much more headspace and joy, that I had to write about my journey.

When I first trolled through my room asking myself what exactly I needed. So I started getting rid of essentially anything. Shirts got donated. Papers got tossed. Shoes got sold. Books got donated. I was down to few things - and it felt great.

Where I saw the most benefit was during my morning routine

I didn't need to figure out my outfit. I didn't need to match everything. I grabbed a few things I hadn't worn, some mellow but comfortable shoes, and I was on my way. It was incredible. That approach was so much different than I had approached fashion before. And it was freeing. 

My mind felt more clear. Having gone through that, it makes sense why the greatest minds wear the same thing every day.

Embrace the Roadblocks
There will be roadblocks. You will slip up.

Late 2015 I dove head first back into my consumer ways. Shoes, clothes, books - things I already had, but wanted more of. All it's brought me, other than a lighter wallet, is less space.

Let me backtrack. Sure - these roadblocks sucked. I knew I was better than that.

I was surviving just fine without those new things I bought. But there was something inside that just couldn't say no.

Maybe it was the opportunity I had to buy those things. Maybe it was because I felt I owed myself some new stuff because of how good I had been.

At my first SimpleRev event this past October, I was surrounded by those who had also slipped-up. It's something you can't avoid. Their reassurance, kind words, and general outlook on everything helped re-planted the seed.  It set me back on my path of minimizing.

Enjoy More with Less

Like I've said - once you realize what you do and don't need, I promise you're going to enjoy life that much more. Cleaner spaces. Non-cluttered desk and counter tops. A closet that actually makes sense.

Cleaner spaces. Non-cluttered desk and counter tops. A closet that actually makes sense.

Having less helps life make more sense. The more stuff you have, the more attention you need to dedicate to that stuff. 

Let's make 2016 less about stuff and more about you, shall we? Why not start today? less about stuff and more about you, shall we? Why not start today?

What can you get rid of right now?