Field Notes Notebook - The One Idea Notebook You Need!

In my ripe old age of 29, I'm finding I forget things more frequently. Which is super annoying because 29 years old isn't that old. So I've begun writing things down more consistently and have found that by doing this I remember things much more often than before. And I've found the best notebook in which to do so.

Field Notes

Thought recently I've been a sucker for the beige, newsprint look - Field Notes also famously come in various colors. These different colored versions are released quarterly and are a hot-ticket item. I don't particularly get caught up in that rabbit race because, hey, they're just notebooks. 

I'm a fan of trying all sorts of different notebooks because there are so many out there now. I've tried various notebooks in the past but the only one that comes close to Field Notes, in my opinion, is Moleskine. They're durable, larger than Field Notes, and honestly feel very nice in the hand when you're carrying them around. I personally don't need a ton of bells and whistles when it comes to notebooks. Mainly because I'm a simple human being, but also because I don't use them for much other than writing. 

Field Notes notebooks are a 48-paged, perfectly pocket sized notebook at 3.5″ by 5.5″ (9 cm by 14 cm). The cover is sturdy enough and the paper comes in a variety of layouts - plain, grid or lined. Again, I'm not a champion for a specific kind of pen, but these seem to work best with a Sharpie pen or ball-point. Lately I've been using a space pen, which is also nice and compact, and the whole system works wonders.

Field Notes are Perfect for any Trip

Field Notes are Perfect for any Trip

Currently, I tuck my Field Notes nicely into a leather cover that comes equipped with a pen holder. Not only does it look better than simply carrying the notebook around, but it's also a nice one-stop-shop for all of my note taking needs.

As I continue to get older, I often find myself YouTubing various construction projects. Being a suburban home-body, I never did much blue collar-type work. Put it this way, my friends often compliment me on my soft hands. A new version of Field Notes, however, may have reignited the flame of home projects. Titled "the Utility", the newest version of Field Notes seems it can help me along on my journey to becoming more of a handy man. 

After having done some research, I sort of fell in love with the newest model from Field Notes. These notebooks are essential for anyone working on a home project. These notebooks come in two different layouts: Ledger and Engineer Graph. Though the layout may have changed, the size hasn't. These are still the standard Field Notes pocket notebook size of 3½" x 5½". According to Field Notes, these are two of their most often requested rulings.

Having traditionally been a traditionalist...(?), I'll stick to my old Field Notes. I get where these limited editions have their place, but I have yet to graduate into their realm. They're too cool for me and, for now, that's totally fine.

Final Words on Utility.

The Utility edition is a great idea. The theme and style are one-of-a-kind. Seriously, what other companies are taking this bold of a step? This is part of the reason I like Field Notes so much. 

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