Five Good Reads for the Week - December 28, 2015

1. Calming Your Brain During Conflict - Harvard Business Review

This article seems like something to which I will constantly refer. It's full of the science behind how our body reacts when we're presented with conflict, and how to bring yourself back to center when you start to notice your body reacting. 

2. What Makes a Good Life? - TEDTalks

Were I to take a blurb from this video, it would be doing it a disservice. It is incredibly interesting. Give it a watch.

3. Space Junk Orbiting Earth - Mashable

This is just straight-up insane. Look at all that junk!

4. The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter - Fast Company

Any article that helps you stay positive during a winter is something I'll always enjoy reading. Now, will I practice anything the article mentions? Maybe. It'll be hard to conjure up it's ideas when I'm full of white-hot rage during a trek through the snow.

5. Science and People Who Enjoy Being Alone - LifeHacker

"No longer do you need to dedicate brain power to worrying about what others thing. Instead, you get to focus on perfecting your work by your own standards."  - 'nuff said