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Going into my hoodie hunt, I wasn’t aware Flint and Tinder had raised over $1 million on kickstarter for the construction of this sweatshirt. I just wanted something that felt nice and would last. After wearing it a few times, I have some thoughts on the product as a whole - and some advice for you if you’re in the market for a similar product.

Start With Why

image via Flint and Tinder

image via Flint and Tinder

Living in Minnesota, it’s always good to have warm, layerable options. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect black hoodie. I’ve come close with the Reigning Champ hoodie, however I had yet to find the perfect zip up.

When I first started looking for the perfect zip-up, I stumbled across a subreddit called /r/buyitforlife. Basically the entire thread is dedicated to things that, well, you can own for life. As a former minimalist and someone who still appreciates that way of life, I jumped at the idea of owning something that would last longer than something from H&M.

After a few weeks of searching I stumbled upon the flint and tinder 10 year hoodie and decided to give it a shot. When there is something with a 10-year guarantee, it’s pretty hard to pass up.


I ordered it in a size medium which, to my surprise, is the best size for me to wear in most things. Being a 5’11, 175lb, broad-shouldered man - I figured large was the best bet. However, I decided to pull the trigger on a medium and I’m glad I did.

The entire piece is very heavy duty. The sleeves are the perfect length, and it doesn’t look too boxy like most other sweatshirts can. So right away I was stoked on the fit. The hood is very big - like, size large big - but perfect for wearing a stocking cap or beanie under during the frigid winter months. Plus, I have a super big head, so it fits pretty well in terms of 1:1 measurements. Along with the large hood are the large pockets in the front. They are able to keep up and hold my banana hands which is always a plus.


The design is what it is. A zip-up, flint and tinder hoodie. There is nothing super groundbreaking of how they constructed it or put it together. It zips up. It keeps me warm. It’s big enough to house me and my body - haha - so it’s all around designed and built well.


image via The Inventory

image via The Inventory

The version I have is a cotton/poly blend. I like this better because with the polyester added, it makes it feel a bit more durable and it won’t shrink as much or as quickly when washed. When it comes to the durability and construction, however, it doesn’t feel any more or less durable than a different brand. What really makes it stand out is the american manufacturing and the 10-year guarantee. Every review I’ve read states things you think would come with a sweatshirt review - various fraying, stretching of areas with constant wear (waist band/wristbands), discoloration from wash. All of these things are unavoidable when it comes to something you constantly wear, but that 10-year guarantee is something you can really hang your hat on with the flint and tinder hoodie.

The 10-year in the 10-year hoodie

Let me break down the fine print. The 10-year guarantee only extends to various rips and tears. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of buying a Flint and Tinder 10 year hoodie. Though well-built, well-constructed, and having an awesome fit, they won’t completely replace something that has been beat to the ground.


Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s my favorite hoodie. I don’t regret getting one, and I look forward to see how much wear I can really put it through, but I don’t see myself buying another. I don’t think I need another simply because I think it’ll last plenty long. What did sell me the most on it on the whole was the 10-year guarantee. If you’re a fan of brands that put that sort of stance behind their products, then the Flint and Tinder's 10 Year Hoodie might be your best bet.