Floyd of Detroit Review

What is your new mattress going to lay on? Better yet, what is your current mattress going to lay on? Mattresses now-a-days need more support. Luckily, the platform bed has become a popular and affordable choice for most mattresses.

We’re so overwhelmed with choice, so it can be hard to pin down which platform bed you want to go with. Floyd of Detroit is here to make your decision making process that much easier. Trust me


Founded in 2013, The Floyd Company was created as an answer to quality furniture. The Floyd Company believes furniture should not be difficult to buy, assemble, or move. Their platform bed embodies all of those beliefs.

Features & Benefits

Simple in design, the Floyd Platform bed has tons of features worth entertaining. Based in a city - Detroit - that takes pride in manufacturing, Floyd symbolizes quality and simplicity clearly visible in their products. Popular with city dwellers worldwide, Floyd currently ships to over 50 countries.


The platform bed is simple, modular, and long-lasting. With a series of panels, steel legs, and ratchet straps, this isn't a traditional bed frame you’ll find at a traditional furniture store. The frame is designed to be put together and taken apart quickly - without the use of clunky tools.

The flat panels provide a flat, sturdy surface upon which your mattress lays. The panels also provide more breathability than a traditional bed frame.

The entire set up is modular - meaning you can add onto the frame as needed. A queen-sized headboard is also available for purchase at a later date, as well.


Floyd offers the platform bed in a twin, queen, and king size option. As mentioned above, the platform can be arranged to fit a California king sized mattresses.

The platforms stand only 7.5 inches off the ground with a 6 inch clearance beneath, providing a clean and minimal look. They can be used with a box spring, although they are designed as a stand alone support.


Each bed comes with a series of panels, end and middle leg supports, and 2 straps. The size of the bed defines what you receive, with each panel measuring 86” x 22” x 1.5 inches thick so you can move them with ease as each only weighs approximately 25 pounds.

These components come together with ease, making the assembly of these beds quick and simple. All you need is your two hands to get it put together.


The Floyd platform is made to be durable, strong, and long lasting. All leg support and ratchets are made with 100%, cold-rolled US made steel, and are powder coated finished in either black or white for decorative purposes and protection. These supports are designed in such a way that total bed support is guaranteed with no possibility of bending or collapsing.

Each leg is form bent for a minimalistic look to elevate and support the platform and includes a cork pad to better protect smooth floor surfaces. The legs are ratcheted together using a strong nylon strap providing the strongest possible support, holding up to 600 pounds with ease.

Planks are constructed in the US as well, and are manufactured from a honeycore comb, birch ply layering process for a lightweight, durable, and light grained beauty.

Delivery and Returns

With free delivery to the lower 48, shipping cost to Alaska and Hawaii will run about $200. It is shipped direct from the factory to you in two boxes, which helps drive down costs due to to the cutting out of brick and mortar, middle man markups.

Floyd believes in standing behind their product and wants their customers to be wholly satisfied. Because of this they do offer a hassle free, trial period return policy on their products. There is a 60 day return policy, meaning if you don’t love it, you can return it or replace free of charge. Floyd does encourage you to speak with their representatives to get the best service possible.


Floyd also offers a 10 year warranty promise. The parts are easy to replace individually. With the bed being modular, and the parts are manufactured separately from one another. Any defective parts are easily serviced or replaced at no cost to you.


The Floyd company’s purpose is clear - to provide simple, quality, and affordable furniture choices to todays consumer. Their products are well priced for a high rated, quality piece of furniture that should last you forever. By taking out the cost of warehouse stocking, showroom fees, commission, and shipping, Floyd is able to provide you with a much better product for a fraction of the cost you may find elsewhere.


The Floyd furniture company has grown quickly in its short lifespan. Rising from a city of innovation and creation, they provide their customers with the best quality possible. Their products provide you with multiple choices and a structure for any type of space, small or otherwise. Plus their ideas allow for easy tear down and movement so no waste, or destruction, occurs during a move. Plus, it’s all very simple and not time-consuming.

If you are a city dweller and are tired of trying to find quality furniture, the Floyd Platform Bed may be the perfect choice for you. The simple design, lightweight panels, strong steel supports, and the option to create a larger sleeping surface makes it a competitive bed frame in the sleep industry.