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Nothing beats a good time piece. Whether its a family heirloom, a really cool watch you found at an antique shop, or a new piece you've seen on Instagram - a persons watch says a lot about them. Enter JORD Watches.


Wood accessories and fashion pieces seem to have made a comeback. I personally don't remember seeing such an amazing use of an everyday material in fashion and fashion accessories. Other than JORD watches, the only real menswear accessory to adopt a wooden silhouette or embrace a wood product entirely were various brands of sunglasses. 

When JORD watches approached me to write a blog post about them, I didn't bat an eye. First of all, they totally get my personal brand. As weird as that is to type, they do. In more recent years I've become obsessed with products I know that are going to last a long time - and will look great as the years go by.


Before I got the box, I honestly didn't know what to expect. I assumed it'd be a clunky time piece reminiscent of various Nixon or Timex watches. Boy was I mistaken.

One of my favorite parts of the watch is how sleek it is. You might think that having a piece of wood on your wrist would stick out like a sore thumb, but it sleekly blends right in to your outfit. Not to mention, the face on the model I own is a gorgeous contrasting royal blue with orange accents. Everything about the model and face just works. 

Some of the sustainably-harvested woods used to create the watches include bamboo, maple, sandalwood, black wood, cherry and teak. I'm not sure which woods are used for which watches, but it'd be cool to know for sure. 


Most watches come in a series of wood colors and styles, and there are several models to choose from – all at their own price points. I wear my watch with a sense of pride. Not only because it looks cool, but it speaks volumes about what you appreciate in life. Something about a wooden watch humbles you. Any you might think they'll cost an arm and a leg, but they're actually very agreeable prices.


As with any wood product, I'd be wary of getting it wet at all. If water splashes on it when you're washing your hands, I don't think a ton will do damage, but definitely be cautious if swimming with it. 

If you're wondering if I'd recommend JORD watches, I would but with a caveat. A specific customer is going to like this sort of watch. A newer generation for sure. When I mentioned this opportunity to my dad his eyes got big and he shook his head - as if I was speaking a different language. JORD watches bring something entirely new to the market, so not everyone is going to love the idea of a wood watch. But if you or your friends or family are forward-thinking in their fashion accessories, then for sure take a look at JORD watches.

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