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I'm a sucker for well-made essentials. Underwear, undershirts, socks - you name it, I'll try it. So when Mack Weldon began targeting me on Facebook, I knew they would soon have a lot of my money. And, based on my experience with them, more of my money in the future. Read on for my full Mack Weldon review of the products I've tried.


Mack Weldon itself was started by two men, Brian Berger & Michael Isaacson, who were looking to improve and streamline the process of buying mens essentials online.


Mack Weldon pitches itself as delivering “old school quality with modern technology”. Aside from simply upgrading mens underwear and socks, Mack Weldon wanted to deliver their customer something more. Matched with their approach to innovation and high quality products, Mack Weldon delivers a one of a kind customer experience - both on and off the computer.

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T- Shirt Review

When I first bought my Mack Weldon t-shirts, I wanted to wear them as regular t-shirts for the summer. However, over time, I've realized they are most likely best used as an undershirt. That isn't taking away from them by any means, but after a year of wear - and some due to the t-shirts shrinking some - I feel they're best used this way. They fit incredible well - with a slight slim fit and an incredibly soft feel. They'll for sure be the best undershirts you own. 

Now, let me be clear, these shirts aren't strictly billed as undershirts. Simply, over time they shrank a bit and are now, for me, best used as an accompaniment to any other layer I have on. Having been sold on the t-shirts right away, I quickly moved on to the other items I bought - the Mack Weldon underwear.

Underwear Review


As you can assume, the Mack Weldon underwear - the boxer briefs to be exact - were incredible. One thing that is a bit embarrassing to admit, is that the underwear takes a bit of time getting used to, well, putting on. The sizing label is on the outside of each pair as opposed to inside as I'm sure most men are used to.

But with continued wear and some general getting used to, you'll quickly forget about this seemingly small issue. Now, I was a big proponent of MeUndies for years. They are soft, light, fit well - everything you look for in a pair of underwear. However, one key thing for me with the Mack Weldon underwear is how they ride up much less frequently than my MeUndies did. The Mack Weldon boxer briefs have a sort of elastic band across the base of each leg, so they're more secure and stay in place much easier than those with a looser, more elastic feel to the leg. This, for me, is a huge selling point and one of the main reasons I see myself sticking with Mack Weldon for all things underwear for the foreseeable future. 

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My feelings on Mack Weldon as a whole - their t-shirts, underwear, and other garments - are a solid A+. Not only do they provide quality garments for everyday use, they come in at a fairly agreeable price point compared to most other brands out there today.


  • Mack Weldon is incredibly soft and great to wear right out of the box

  • Mack Weldon provides deep, rich colors for any portion of your cloest

  • A great buying experience overall


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