Making the Obstacle the Way

When that rush of adrenaline fills your body. That fight or flight response you try to suppress but you know one is better than the other.

You know what’s in front of you is the only way to move forward. One giant lesson in life is accepting that the obstacle is the way, and by getting through each obstacle - whatever the size - makes you into the person you want to become.

I’m no expert on gritting my teeth and powering through something that sucks. Something that someone would consider an obstacle. When they do come up, though, I’m stoked to A) notice what they are and B) try my best to get over them.

The worst thing we can do is let the obstacles rattle our cages. We then spiral into self-doubt, anger, frustration - who knows what else.

It’s a simple theory - embracing something we want to ignore. Embracing it head on and showing it what we’re made of.

You’ll only come out a stronger person on the other end once the obstacle is faced. So, in reality, there isn’t much you can lose.

What are you waiting for? Stop ignoring that black cloud and face it head-on.