A Miminalist's Wardrobe | Andy Likes Things

Disclaimer: I by no means consider myself a minimalist. Not yet, at least.

I'm hoping this may give you a glimpse into how few clothes you actually need in order to feel fulfilled. 

My closet isn't so much a closet anymore as it is a place where a few things hang. Sure, that is the exact definition of a closet - but I think you get my point. I don't have anything anymore! I remember having wracks and wracks and stacks and stacks of clothes. Shoes on shoes. At one point not knowing what to do with it all, or where to start.

Until I started. I just started.

One discarded garment lead to another. One poorly fitting pair of pants were followed by an equally faded and shrunken shirt. It all had to go - and most of it did!

My morning's are insanely easy. A muted shirt? Check.

"Typical minimalist wear" you might be saying to yourself. One time I was asked, "Do you even own a graphic tee"? To which I replied, "yes" - shout out The Movement Minneapolis for supplying me with my only graphic tees! But the original question sort of made me ponder. I didn't own nearly as many as I once did. It wasn't out of some angst or anti-establishment feelings. Simple clothing just looked better - so I kept my more simple clothing.

Some raw denim? Check.

Raw denim is sweet because it doesn't need to be washed as often as other clothing. Now my parents might think I'm wearing raw denim out of sheer laundry laziness, but the exact opposite, in fact. Laundry isn't nearly as tedious now, and raw denim just looks better the longer it goes without wash. 

Wool socks? Check.

"Cotton kills" - or so they say. So I stick with my wool socks. Super warm when needed, reasonable temperature when not. They're solid and don't hold a smell nearly as quickly as traditional cotton or nylon or lycra (right?) socks do. 

MeUndies (which are amazing, by the way)? Check. These are the best underwear on planet earth. So comfortable and soft, it's insane. If you don't already have some - seriously take a look. They're life-changing.

Then its shower and out the door and at work within the hour. It's insane how much easier it's made everything.

You know that cliche about famous geniuses wearing the same thing every day? Well it doesn't pertain to me, but minimizing the options can help cut down on decision fatigue and is one less thing to think about.

Is there a perfect formula for a minimalist wardrobe? Is there a threshold that once you reach you are officially crowned a minimalist? No and definitely no. Minimalism means something different to everyone trying it or living the lifestyle. For me, minimalism is cutting down on and donating items that I don't need. I see those same values eventually spilling over to other aspects of my life but for now, this works. And I feel great.

And I want you to feel great too. What do you think you can minimize in your life? Clothes? Books? Kitchen utensils? Board games? Everything in your garage? I'd love to read your comments below!