Minimizing More Than Just Stuff

Don't just simply de-clutter objects from your life - but also those that bring you down. 

This may sound a little harsh. And if you're like me, you want to stay friends with everyone. You like everyone - which is exactly why they're still in your life. But, ultimately, you need to decide what - and who - is best for you.

Ask yourself these questions - "What is this person bringing to my life?" If that something is negative, ask, "Why are they still in my life?" Is it because you don't want to break up your family, your friend group - or simply because you don't want to look like the "asshole" who shuts someone out. Well, we're all going to look like assholes sooner or later so we might as well get used to the feeling. If you can't tell, this is me urging you to remove these types of people from your life. Those who judge. Those who are negative. As the great Duncan Trussell calls them "vampires".

It's hard to realize what you can offer someone you've never met. Maybe you've never thought of that idea. The more people I meet, the more awesomeness I see - the more I want to be surrounded by them on a daily basis. This motivates me to continually surround myself, learn and become inspired by like-minded and much smarter people. That's easy to do in a city like Minneapolis.

I've met countless inspiring, supportive and down-right awesome people while working and volunteering throughout the cities. I've realized I can begin to call many of these people my friends, and that makes me proud. This is where I would usually list everyone who I've met who has had a positive effect on me, but due to fear of leaving someone out, I will refrain. You all know who you are - and I love each of you dearly. 

Having donated another two bags of clothes in the last two days, I'm running dry on things I want to get rid of. My shoes are selling, my clothes are dwindling, and better yet - my bank accounts are thanking me.

Like any young 20-something, I splurge every now and then. What's fascinating is the more you get rid of, the more you realize you need less, the more you start to accumulate - and save - money. Just another perk of stepping back and realizing what you do and don't need in your life.But I'm finding much more joy in sifting through old things wondering what else I can donate. I still have a lot of stuff - and a long way to go in my minimalism journey - but that is exciting.