#MinsGame Progress - Week 1

The #MinsGame helps you gradually reevaluate things in your life while you slowly declutter. This is my progress report so far.

November 1

I want to get rid of all the things! I wake up wanting to declutter, often when there aren't enough things to declutter. November 1 was no exception. I woke up wanting to get rid of more than one thing, so I filled three grocery bags full of things I no longer need. Old movies, old clothes, shoes, books - just everything I haven't touched in more than six months. 

But the kicker is - I have to parse out giving these things away throughout the week. So today has been organizing what I'm giving away for the week. It's sort of nice organizing what I want to give away. There has to be some organizational irony in there, right?

Lets hope I get to Goodwill tomorrow.

November 2

I've been on a HUGE reading kick lately. And thankfully my good friend, Jeff of CoffeeBaconBks, put me on to the idea of getting a library card. I honestly have no idea why I never thought of that. It's been hugely beneficial for me - especially when trying to minimize things.

The due dates give me a deadline by which to read things, it helps keep down the clutter, AND - best of all - it's way cheaper than buying books and allowing them to collect dust on shelves.

*stops typing and starts reading*

November 3

I dropped off three bags full of stuff at the local Goodwill and, again, can't remember much of what the bags contained. I don't know if that is me losing my mind or because the bags were filled with things I'm no longer attached to. Either way, I'm better for it.

I also began going through my movie collection. I plan on getting rid of all of them, honestly. The only things I watch nowadays are Netflix and Amazon Prime. I thought about digitizing all of my DVD's but its so much work - I'd rather sell them and use that money towards an experience of some kind. I don't expect to get a ton of money back but any amount will do.

November 4

I woke up with a few text messages from friends who wanted to buy some of my things, which is great! It'll only help me have less, obviously, and will help further streamline my life. Part of me always feels a tad guilty when I sell my stuff. Sometimes giving things away just feels so much better. But, student loans exist so I won't turn down the opportunity to sell some things.

November 5

Nothing decluttered today. I'll make up for it this weekend I'm sure. One thing I need to work on specifically is decluttering my wants, more. This may warrant an entire blog post in the future, but what I mean by that is - I want to do so many things, learn so many things, that I need to reevaluate. Yeah, this is perfect for an upcoming blog post.

November 6

Another day, another grocery bag full of books and clothes I've decided to part with. Nothing new there, really. What is new, however, is me throwing out all of my empty shoe boxes.

I don't know why but I usually keep them. Today I felt was the day to toss them, though. My closet now looks so much better. Less cluttered - more space. They were literally just taking up space. Empty space. Getting rid of them weirdly tied my closet together, as strange as that may sound.