Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc Toe Review

When it comes to workwear, this silhouette is immediately recognizable. Red Wing Boots carry an air of elegance and grittiness that not many other boot-makers can attain. Aside from what sort of personality they carry, how do they perform?

Breaking In

This is a point of contention for current and prospective Red Wing boot owners. Some life-long Red Wing-ers insist the breaking in period isn't that bad. Some insist on wearing them in the shower to really get them broken in correctly. There is really only one way to experience what the breaking in process will be like, and that's to go and try a pair on for yourself.

If you're lucky enough to live close to a Red Wing boot dealer, go in and try on a pair. Walk around in them. Really know what to expect when you get your first - or another - pair. You can believe this, though, once you break in your Red Wing 1907, you'll hardly notice you're wearing these boots.


Red Wing's are known for being hand-made right here in Minnesota. Once you purchase them you'll know A) the craftsmanship is high quality and B) the craftsmanship itself is taken seriously. If you're up for braving the cold weather, you can even come tour the Red Wing boot factory in Red Wing, MN.

One of the best looking menswear boots on the market

One of the best looking menswear boots on the market


One of the best things about the Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc 6” Boot is that they can be warn, well, with anything. If your job is more blue collar, these are perfect in that they last, they're comfortable, and they'll help you get the job done. If you work in a more creative environment, these are perfect too. The Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc 6” Boots go well with jeans, khakis, flannels, and pomade. You'll be able to wear these to your advertising agency job one week, and during your hiking trip through Colorado the next.



Now this is one part most prospective owners get hung up on. Sure, the boots are spendy. Like, pretty spendy. Easily around $300 dollar. However, you need to take into account what exactly you're getting with a pair of Red Wing boots.

First of all, the Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc 6” Boots are handmade. Any sort of handmade shoe is incredibly hard to find these days. You're buying quality, and you're buying craftsmanship.

Secondly, these boots are going to last you for years. Literally. I, myself, have 3 pairs of Red Wing boots as I write this - hopefully a few more soon. Now, I don't need any more but I love them. The fit, the feel, the smell - everything, What blows my mind is the fact that I'll legitimately have these for the rest of my life. They'll never fall apart - and if they do, Red Wing will repair them. As long as I take care of them, I'll own these forever. And that piece of mind is hard to come by, especially when it comes to boots.


The Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc 6” Boots are expertly crafted, comfortable boots that are also reasonably water-resistant. Designed for long distance walking and keeping your feet warm and dry, they are made primarily of leather and have a Vibram sole perfect for rough and slippery conditions.

The 1907 Moc 6” provide excellent ankle support for traveling over uneven terrains as they have secure lacing up which helps keep your feet and ankle in place. 

Once broken in, these boots are hard to beat. They look great, fit any outfit, and will last you for years to come. I can't recommend these enough and look forward to hearing about how much you like them.