Running Aces Casino & Racetrack Day - AndyLikesThings

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Running Aces casino and racetrack in Columbus, Minnesota. Trips to casino's and/or racetracks are pretty out of the norm for me, but when a local agency reached out I jumped at the chance. And I'm super glad I did!


The local agency who invited me told me I could bring along three friends so I thought, "Awesome! It'll be a super fun night out with some good friends and smiles will be had all around." Well, unfortunately, the day fell on the same day as a baby shower for two of my close friends. I'm sure you can do the math but if not, I'll do it for you - I ended up going alone.

It was super funny - as I was being seated, we got closer and closer to a two-person seat with only one name tag on it. That name tag was mine. The woman who brought me to the table was like, "Most of our other guests brought friends or family with them...but this is a great place to sit!" I laughed - it was pretty funny.

I got to dine on some of Running Aces delicious fare. They had a trout dip. They had Brussels sprouts and bacon, and a very elegant form of cheese curds. Once I cleared the plates, I decided to go take some pictures.


As I stated before, I'm not much of a gambler. Never have been and I don't imagine that changing. If I'm not much of a gambler, you can imagine how clueless I was when it came to horse-racing. The track at Running Aces was enormous - and beautiful! Having never been to a race track of any sort - aside from go-karts - I was in awe of the horses, the crowd, and the running start.

The starting process was very interesting to watch. Someone with the coolest job in the world drives a car around the dirt track. Then, the horses run up to it so they're all going the same speed. After a few times watching the races and getting a general understanding of how the betting process works, I decided to bet on a long-shot. As you can imagine, that horse didn't win - but it was super fun to cheer for them!

Once I had lost a few bucks on the ponies, I headed over to the blackjack tables. The folks at Running Aces were awesome enough to provide me with some play money so I didn't really lose anything. 

I went to both their new blackjack tables as well as the traditional tables, and each was super fun. Neither were fruitful - which isn't the point! - but they were super fun nonetheless.


Once I had lost all of my play money, I decided to pack up my awesome gift bag and head out. Not before stopping by their trout point (!) however. That's right, they have an on-site trout pond. And, get this, you get to eat what you catch! I didn't fish at all but saw some folks fishing and saw some folks eating what they caught. It is a super cool and unique idea - and is great for the entire family.

All-in-all my time at Running Aces was incredibly enjoyable. From the incredibly welcoming staff, to the awesome food, the entertainment at the track and at the tables, and the trout pond - it was a trip I won't soon forget. Best of all, it's perfect for the entire family. Hopefully the next time I go maybe some of my friends will join me.

After reading this, I'm sure they will.