My Journey Into Minimalism | The Strength of No

Do I need this? - The internal struggle rages.

Growing up, it was never a desire of mine to study finance.  Personal finance was never something I felt I needed to understand.  I was more of the mindset of "If I have the money, I can afford it".  Which is great - if you have the money.  What I've come to realize as I've gotten older is that yes - you may be able to "afford" it in the monetary sense, but can you afford it in the personal/psychological sense.  

Case and point, me right out of college.  I was at a job that I didn't much care for, doing daily tasks I knew weren't going to get me where I wanted to be.  But they pay was alright.  It was more than I had been paid working retail during high school and college.  So naturally, being young and dumb, I was at the Mall of America about every other weekend, buying things I didn't have and not worrying much about what was left in my bank account.

Which leads me to today.  My quest for less.  My foray into minimalism.  I accumulated so many things during that time period and, yet, have so little to show for it.  Coming to this realization has helped me understand the power of "No" and how often I need to say it.  I guess, in a way, that period was a blessing in disguise.  A very expensive blessing.  But something for which I am thankful as it lead me to today and my current state of embracing less.

Saying No

Every day, I'm training a muscle.  I'm training the muscle of saying "No".  At first, I would very rarely say no to buying things, as I though accumulating things would better my life.  Having realized things only cause clutter and, at the end of the day, don't allow me to progress in life, I realized I needed to strengthen my No muscle.  My lack of will power in originally saying no was proof of how, for lack of a better term, weak I was.  Having dived head first into this minimalism movement, I can slowly feel that muscle getting stronger.

But - like any weight training, good and bad days will come and go.  Two leaps forward one day, and stumble backwards the next.  But, again like weight training, each session is progress.  

So tell me - if you are following, or trying to follow, the same path - what are you finding it most difficult to say no to?