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Unbranded Denim, or UB as it is referred to on it's products, was founded in 2009 is a sub-division of Naked and Famous. The company's motto is: "No branding, no washes, no embroidery, no ad campaigns and no celebrities", and boy do they deliver.

Unbranded denim produces all its jeans in a factory in Macau. Now, before you quite reading because they aren't American Made, stick around for some education. The Unbranded denim being manufactured in Macau isn't a bad thing.

Macau is one of the very few regions in Asia with a "very high Human Development Index", ranking 23rd or 24th in the world in 2007 (with Japan being the highest in Asia; the other Asian countries/regions within the "very high HDI" category are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Qatar, Singapore, Israel and South Korea).

Unbranded denim has a heavy emphasis on simplicity, which would explain why the brand has only three different cuts and 4 different variations of the jeans. They don't strictly stick to denim, however, as they also produce chinos and various other clothing items.

Breaking In

Saying they're stiff is an understatement. If you're a novice when it comes to raw denim, or are just starting out, these may turn you off. I'd suggest getting started with a softer Naked & Famous cut vs. something from Unbranded denim.

That said, these are still very stiff on me. I've been wearing them every day for about 4 months, and they have softened considerably. That said, I've begun to mix in other pairs as well simply from a comfort stand point. 

Build and Fit

Unbranded Skinny

Unbranded Skinny

Skinny - This is the skinniest fit that Unbranded denim offers, it has a skinny thigh and a very small taper from the knee down. I'd suggest these are best suited for denim fans - or people who know what they're getting into when they buy a slim fit, raw, selvedge denim. 

Unbranded Tapered

Unbranded Tapered




Tapered - This fit is designed to have more room in the thigh so has a wider thigh than the skinny fit but tapers down to a leg opening only slightly larger. If you have thicker thighs, but still want that slim fit, these are the perfect pair to get.


Unbranded Straight

Unbranded Straight




Straight - This fit is the straight fit although is not relaxed and still slim. These are great for a larger set, person - maybe who usually prefers a boot cut-type paid of jeans.

Be careful with sizing when it comes to Unbranded denim. I usually wear a 32 - but for both Naked & Famous and Unbranded denim I go with a 33. It's a bit tight, but they end up stretching out and become like a second-skin. So I'd recommend going up a size and, worst case, visit a tailor to get them fitted exactly to your liking.


Look and Style

Indigo- Easily the most recognizable style, Unbranded denim's indigo wash is the most celebrated wash and the route by which many enter the vast world or raw denim. The 14.5oz raw indigo denim is the perfect wash/fit/style for any newbie looking to get started in the denim game. 

Heavyweight- Another variation very similar to the indigo's except with a weight of 21oz. So these are some heavy jeans. You wouldn't want to be wearing these in the summer months, I can tell you that right away. These are some of the cheapest heavyweight raws and are well known for being fast faders. 


The pricing on Unbranded denim is fairly reasonable and the perfect price point for someone just starting to get into raw/selvedge denim. I think I payed around $82 for mine - which is a steal when it comes to high quality denim that'll only get better with time.


Plain and simple, Unbranded denim is the perfect place to start if you're intrigued by raw denim. The fit is great, the fades look even better, and it's a great brand to dip your toe into if you're unsure if you'll like this new hobby. Matched with a super agreeable price point and made by a very reputable denim company, Unbranded denim needs to be your next denim purchase.