Vans Old Skool Review - AndyLikesThings

People change over time. We grow up, we maybe change for the worse, we do things we never thought we would do. I recently found myself doing that exact thing - doing something I never thought I'd do. It is on a very small scale, but still surprising to myself nonetheless. I bought a pair of Vans Old Skool sneakers. I always associated them with skaters who bombed hills and went to The Warped Tour. Sure, they do that, but little did I realize how much taste those folks actually have!


Nothing super out of the ordinary with these when it came to unboxing/the box in general. They were originally purchased from Amazon but were a little hard to find. I definitely had to do some digging in order to not only find the right color of this Vans Old Skool, but find the right color in the right size.

The entire upper is mostly suede with the exception of the sole, obviously, and a leather hit on the inside of the heel. I imagine this is for those who want to wear the Vans Old Skool without socks. 

Initial Feel

Initially, the Vans Old Skool is a bit stiff. Because they're so minimal and have such a clunky sole, the materials on the Vans Old Skool have very contrasting feels. As I have yet to really wear them or break them in due to it being the winter months, I can expect some sore feet and/or blisters when breaking in the Vans Old Skool

Like any new shoes, there is going to be a break-in period. You're going to be getting used to not only the feel of the shoe itself, but how to customize it to the feel of your liking. The Vans Old Skool no exception. Having worn them only a few times, I think I have them laced perfectly for my liking so I'm not really sweating that. 

General Feel

The Vans Old Skool is a very simple, minimal feel. Being that the sole is a bit heavier than the upper, you can sort of feel this as you walk. So the sole of the Vans Old Skool sort of drives your walk, if that makes sense. This all goes away once you've fully broken in the shoe, though. At first, expect a bit of a lengthy break-in period.


I'm really excited about owning the Vans Old SkoolNot only do they look good with literally everything, but the feel of them matched with the entire vibe of the Vans Old Skool is a total winner. I highly recommend you going to a store to try these on, though I feel like they run true-to-size.