Vans Sk8 Hi - A Shoe I Once Hated but Is Now My Go-To

I did it - I had to pull the trigger on these. Seeing these things pop-up everywhere had implanted the idea in my head. What's that marketing saying - it takes someone to see something 7 times before they buy? Well that's pretty accurate - even though I've obviously seen these things more than 7 times. Check out more info on them below!


A Bit of History
Alright, so Vans Skateboarding has been around since '66, and they've been crushing it for exactly that long. Not only were they built - and ideal - for skateboarding, but they've been a great lifestyle sneaker option for as many years. Their recent resurgence is in part due to celebrities and musical acts taking a liking to their models. It's cool, as a life-long skateboarder, to see Vans having such a prominent place in pop culture both throughout the years and currently.

As I mentioned, growing up as a skateboarder I was never really into Vans. Skating in the 90's and 00's, the vibe was different. Hip hop was prominent, big, puffy clothes and shoes were all the rage. Far from what Vans represented/stood for. Getting older, however, you being to appreciate a certain style/vibe a brand represents, and that's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I bought my first pair of Vans Sk8 Hi's.

First Impressions:
First of all, ouch. These things are capital S - stiff. That said, taking the dog on a walk as soon as I got them was the best idea because, although they hurt just a little, they broke in right away and have been perfect ever since. Now, there are almost hundreds of different variations of this shoe. Some uppers are made of a regular feeling suede, while others have canvas, or even a very butter-soft suede. This means that each are going to have a different fit/feel and break-in period. They won't be vastly different but just know that depending on the material your particular shoe is made out of, fit and wear can fluctuate.


What drew me in to the show was, honestly, a different Vans model I wanted to buy was sold out. So, I did the next best thing and ordered another paid I had had my eyes on forever. One thing that immediately jumped out with this model, though, is it's simplicity. It's not a very bulky high-top. In a way, it gets right to the point of what a high-top should do. It should be made out of quality material, and lace up higher than most other shoes. Both of which they do with flying colors.


All colors go great with denim

All colors go great with denim

Final Verdict
These are my new casual go-to. Well, one of two go-to's, if that's even possible. They look great with denim and khaki's alike, so you can't go wrong. Dark wash, light wash, it doesn't matter. Maybe don't wear them to a wedding or job interview, but they're perfect for any casual get-together or dive bar. 



Go get yourself a pair and thank me later. Seriously, they'll be a staple in your closet for years to come.