Where I've Found More Time | Andy Likes Things

During my fit of frantic decluttering, I find myself wondering where else throughout my life can I reduce. Material possessions, leisurely activities, heck - even the idea of severing unhealthy friendships has crossed my mind. Reduction in any of those aspects of life can be hugely beneficial. With all the beneficial decluttering comes copious amounts of time to do, really, anything you've dreamt of doing.

What originally set me on my path of minimizing isn't something I want to get into on this blog post. The experience, however shocking, was a blessing in disguise. It put me on this path that I now write about two out of seven days a week. It showed me first-hand what I want in my life, and what I don't want in my life - and made clear that I have ultimate power over both decisions. So I've decided to focus on things I want in my life. Sort of smart, yeah? Throughout this journey, I have found more opportunity to focus on things that will make me a better human being. Here are a few that have helped so far.

Constant Learning

I'm a big believer in learning anything and everything you've one day wanted to learn. It's fucking hard, though. There are so many things to learn - but that's sort of exciting, right? Places like Lynda.com, Team Treehouse, and SkillShare exist because other people are driven to assist people in succeeding, and it's incredible. So as I continue through this process I find time to learn things that I've always wanted to learn. 

Less Consuming

Because I'm so busy learning new shit, I have little time to go shopping. Sure, I slip up now and again and fall deep into the Amazon hole, but I'm okay with that. As long as I'm not doing it as frequently as I used to. As long as I'm not "bored shopping", I'm cool with it. I's hard to stop doing something that you're so accustomed to doing. With less consuming comes more time for experiencing and learning. And I'll take that any day. 

More Writing

Finding more time to write has been one of the best parts about this entire process. Having done the whole English major thing and dipped my toes in the waters of copywriting, I don't get a chance to write unless it's in my free time. Having increased free time has allowed me to keep up with this blog as well as given me more time to read. Currently I'm reading book two in a series of graphic novels, which still counts as reading - right? I thought so. Regardless of what exactly I'm reading, it's ultimately fueling the fire of my writing, which helps me vent and put words to a page, further clearing my headspace as well as finding something more constant in my life.

Fewer Things = More Time. It's a pretty beneficial equation. 

Greater Experiences

Speaking to the experience that lead me on this journey, as it was happening I didn't want to do anything. I didn't want to see anyone. In fact, I called in sick to work multiple times simply so I could be by myself for an entire day. But since that storm passed, I've found myself stepping more and more outside of my comfort zone. Heck, just two weekends ago I was in both Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul on three - yes THREE - separate nights. I usually hate going that deep into either city.

Sure - I still love me some alone time. But now, rather than wallowing, I use my free time for reading or writing or learning to code or design. More beneficial free time rather than self-deprecating. 

That time in my life - as scary as it was - made me so much of a better person. I know exactly what I want now. As weird as it is to say, I'm glad it happened but not happy about it happening.

So tell me - if you're decluttering or reevaluating all-things in your life, what set you on that journey? If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear!